When I showed my Mother in Law an article I wrote a few years ago, about having an abundance mentality versus a scarcity mentality, she asked me where Scar City was.

And that is actually exactly what it is. If you live with an attitude of scarcity, you do live in Scar City! There are little scars all over your abundance mentality. However, you can ensure that they heal!


Here are a few little pointers that will help you create an Abundance Mentality:

1) Focus on what you already have. That means that you must look at what is already present in your life in the way of finances, health, wealth, relationships, and people. Focus on what you can do versus on what you cannot do.

I had a terrific triathlon trainer and coach for many years of my triathlon career, and he always asked me to tell him what I could do versus what I could not do.

In my coaching practice, I ask my clients what they have been doing versus what they have not been doing (of course if there is a persistent pattern of not doing, we do address that in our sessions).

2) Be generous. That means in the first place to yourself and about yourself. And then to others.

3) Believe in yourself and your dreams. Again, a matter of focus. You must envision yourself having already made your dream come true. This counts for any area of your life.

4) Compare yourself to those worse off than you. Realize that we in the Western world really live in abundance. An abundance of material things, opportunities, chances to do most anything we want to do and be in life.

5) Live in a constant state of gratitude. Realise at all times what you are grateful for. And the small things in life are just as important.

6) Declutter your space. When we hang on to material things and have not used them for at least two years just in case we may need them in the future, we may send out the message that we feel we could not afford to buy a new, up to date version in the future!


About the Author: Brigitte Sumner, Coach and Feng Shui Expert  
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