I am forever looking for ways to love my hair – I probably ought to accept that it will never happen. I have fine, not particularly thick, flat hair. Boring. And it won’t do much – no matter how long I spend drying, tonging and spraying it.

So I am always ready to try something new!

Enter the Vidal Sassoon Infra Radiance Hot Air Styler. Essentially it combines two styling essentials in one device: a styling brush and hair dryer, and it claims to “speed up and simplify the process of at home hair styling allowing you to look and feel your best even with the busiest of schedules.”

I have a bob cut – which although it is cut well enough that I can actually let it drip dry and get away with it, the truth is it could do with a bit of body at the roots and the ‘flick under’ always looks better if I’ve spent a few minutes on it. And the Infra Radiance slyer does actually deliver help in both these areas. And quickly.

It dries your hair efficiently while allowing you to lift the roots – giving your hair a bit of height and body. It was easy to create a gentle curl on the ends, and with the ‘cool’ button I could set the curl in place. There is also a de-tangle function in case your get your hair all twisted around the brush.

The advertising blurb says:  Featuring the latest Infra Radiance and Tourmaline Ionic Technology, the Infra Radiance Hot Air Styler combines gentle infrared heat with the standard air flow through the 38mm Thermal Brush. This unique technology helps to deliver more even heat, to smooth the hair cuticle and preserve its natural moisture, resulting in reduced frizz and soft, radiant results. The infrared light emits microns at high frequencies, entering the hair shaft at deeper levels and helping to heat the hair through more evenly for kinder drying and styling.

Although I have no idea about the ‘science’ I can say that it worked, and my hair looked good without having to spend ages on it. Six weeks later I am still using it and still getting good results.  No, I don’t suddenly have a head full of gorgeous Pre-Raphaelite curls – but my bob does have shape, some bounce and lift at the roots, and a nice flick!



The Vidal Sassoon Infra Radiance Hot Air Styler launches in September into leading retailers including Boots, Tesco & Asda RRP £34.99


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