We chat with Sheilesh Shah, founder of natural beauty range Urban Veda…

What is Urban Veda?
Urban Veda is an multi-award-winning natural skincare brand formulated for 21st century skincare needs. Inspired by Ayurveda – an ancient Indian health and wellbeing system based on the holistic and therapeutic properties of plants. The four categories have been created to target different skin types which in Ayurveda are known as ‘Doshas’. There are three Dosha’s; Kapha, Pitta and Vata – you can discover your Dosha on our website.

What inspired you to create your Urban Veda? 
 My first inspiration was learning about ayurvedic plants, herbs and their amazing benefits to health and skincare regimes. Following the success of Ayumi, our initial Ayurvedic skin care brand, I felt that we could strive to create further advanced formulations using more bio active ingredients and enhance the products in terms of efficacy, to all types of skin and share the benefits of Ayurveda to consumers worldwide.

What are the ingredients and why did you choose these particular ingredients? (i.e. what do the ingredients do?)
Each category has been designed for different skin types using ingredients that will support and balance the needs of the skin.

Our Radiance range contains anti-inflammatory turmeric, healing patchouli, and antioxidant-source goji berry to hydrate and add a glow to lack-lustre skin.

The Soothing range contains moisturising sandalwood, balancing ylang ylang, calming lavender to protect and nourish sensitive skin.

The Purifying range contains antiseptic and antibacterial neem oil, astringent witch hazel and anti-inflammatory tea tree to cleanse and detoxify congested skin.

The Reviving range draws on Rose’s natural anti-aging properties, evening Primrose, Omega-rich Rosehip, Borage, Rose Geranium, harmonising Jasmine along with collagen-boosting and skin cell rejuvenating Arjuna – which can be found in all four categories.

We believe it’s important that all products are cruelty free – are your products, or any of their ingredients tested on animal or derived from animals?

As a holistic and natural brand, we are and will always be against animal testing and will never use ingredients derived from animals.  We are in the process of acquiring our Cruelty Free International accreditation which is a lengthy and in depth process of ensuring the whole supply chain process is fully compliant. We are also certified vegetarian with the Vegetarian Society and free from parabens, artificial colours, GM ingredients, SLS/SLES and minerals.

What next for Urban Veda?
We are currently working on facial and body & bath and the new Urban MAN and Urban OUD ranges.

Where can we buy/find out more in UK?
Urban Veda is available in selected Fenwick’s and Waitrose stores.  For more information you can visit our website: www.urbanveda.co.uk and follow us across our social media platforms: @urbanveda.



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