Demi Moore, Alicia Silverstone and Woody Harrelson all sing the benefits of raw food.

But don’t be fooled that a diet of fruit and veg is a diet for the weak and feeble, as tennis champion Serena Williams has been following a raw vegan diet too.

So what is a raw food diet?

Quite simply it’s a diet that consists mainly of fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, sea vegetables that have not been heated above 42 degrees.

It is well know that eating a variety of fresh, vibrant and juicy fruit and vegetables has health benefits; from weight loss, clear skin and even the prevention and reversal of ill health.

To enjoy these benefits I believe that it’s much easier to focus on increasing the amount of ‘good’ food in your diet, rather than trying to avoid the ‘bad’ ones.

I love raw foods because of its simplicity. So here are my top 10 tips to simply add more raw food to your diet:

1. Eat fruit or add fruit to your breakfast
Why not enjoy a bowl of your favourite berries or add a banana to your normal breakfast

2. Make yourself a smoothie
It’s the ultimate fast food and an excellent way of getting your five a day . My favourite smoothie is water, 2 bananas, strawberries and raspberries (fresh or frozen)

3. Make your smoothie lean and green
Add a handful of spinach to your smoothie, you won’t even taste it but it’s a great way to increase its nutritional value

4. Add a large salad to your lunch
No matter what you have for lunch, add a crisp and juicy salad to your meal

5. Make a juice to snack on to keep hunger away
Often when we think we are hungry, we are actually thirsty. So why not make a juice and when you feel munchy have the juice and then see if you still want that ‘snack’

6. Snack on soaked almonds or seeds
Soak some almonds overnight, they are so much tastier when they are soaked and make a perfect snack

7. Make a raw soup or green salad smoothie as a starter for your evening meal
Why not try adding a raw starter to your evening meal, a raw soup is the perfect beginning to a meal

8. Have a large salad available for sharing at your evening meal
Sharing a salad is a great way to include others in the benefits of raw food

9. Sprout your own pulses and seeds to add to salads, soups and rice dishes
Sprouting your own pulses and seeds is a very cheap, tasty and fun way to add living foods to your diet

10. Treat yourself to some raw chocolate
That’s right you can even buy (or make) raw chocolate. The best thing about this chocolate is that it is guilt free!


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