PASSION for FRESH IDEAS is about fresh ways of approaching traditional problems. It’s about living life to the full in a sustainable and ethical way. We like to open the doors for our readers to new approaches and perspectives – and leave the choice to them as to whether they walk through those doors!

We are interested to receive your submission on any subject, provided it meets the following criteria:

Subject Matter

  1. Articles should be editorially focused and offer the reader advice or some other useful take-away
  2. Articles that are simply opinion-based or are blatant self-promotion will be rejected
  3. Articles must be ethically based and not promote or deal with unethical businesses or behaviour. Please look at past articles on the site to get an idea of the sort of topics we cover
  4. Articles must be factual / evidence based (i.e. you must be able to support what you say) and not libellous in any way
  5. UK spelling please, not American
  6. Your headline should be short, grab the reader’s attention and should also clearly introduce the subject matter

We strongly recommend that you be thoroughly familiar with the kind of material we publish before you submit any articles for consideration.

NOTE: Articles must be proof read and free from grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.


By submitting your article to PASSION for FRESH IDEAS, you declare that it is your original work, you own 100% of all copyrights pertaining to the article and it does not infringe on any existing copyrights. You are giving permission to PASSION for FRESH IDEAS to publish your article on our website and/or in our email newsletter.


Your headline should be short, grab the reader’s attention and should also clearly introduce the subject matter.

The headline and byline should be formatted in this way:



Please include a low resolution head shot of you that we can publish alongside your article.


Articles should be no longer than 700 words and submitted as single-spaced Word document using the PASSION for the PLANET editorial contribution form. Please ONLY submit articles using the editorial form – thank you.

Short paragraphs and the judicious use of sub-headings to break up the text are encouraged!

Author’s bio

Please include a bio at the end of your article of 50 -100 words in length giving some information about you (and your business or organisation, if appropriate).

Any hyperlinks should be formatted in this way:



A lot of time and effort goes into writing your article, so we encourage you to show your pride in what you have done! Once we have published your articles, we encourage you to share the links with your networks via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or any other social networking sites you use.

We recommend that you (and a trusted friend!) thoroughly proofread your article prior to submission.


We do not currently offer any payment for submissions.

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