When goal setting or re-evaluating our life, we traditionally create a long list of things we “want” to have and things we “want” to achieve. These lists, while all very positive, can be based on our ego’s thinking. This is in contrast to the deep inner wisdom and creative flow of ideas offered to us by our Spiritual Intelligence.


Our Spiritual Intelligence is that font of knowledge and guidance that flow to us from our connection to Source. Our Spiritual Intelligence sees us in our brilliance, our perfection and our inherent wholeness. It knows all that we are capable of achieving in the coming 12 months.


However our usual list of resolutions is often based on our small-minded perceptions of ourselves; it can be based on our desire for more and the belief that the more we have, the happier we will be; it can be based on our feelings of lack of self-esteem, which would lead us to think that we are not OK right now, with exactly what we have in this moment.


Also, the list we create is based on our lack of faith; a lack of faith that all that is meant for you is already coming to you; a lack of faith that the Universe is always working for you and for your higher good and the lack of belief and faith that you are already created as abundant, successful and worthy in every way.


In fact, your only purpose here is to align yourself with that brilliance and abundance through your thoughts, words and actions. This is especially important in those areas where, at present, you sense you are not naturally aligned with that perfection.


Spiritual sky
Spiritual sky


So how can we utilise this energy for new opportunities in the coming year?


Here are three suggestions:


1)    Our Spiritual Intelligence wants us to open to the new. We are very often unwilling to do new things, try new things, meet new people and consider new ways of thinking about ourselves and others. Our resistance automatically kicks in and says “I won’t like that!” “I don’t want to do that!” “I can’t do that!” We have to be willing to embrace the new at every opportunity and move through our built-in resistance.


This does not mean that we over-ride our intuitive impulses and go against what does not feel right for us. It means embracing an attitude that is open to the new and willing to give the new ‘a go’ when and where it feels right.


2)    One of the greatest gifts our Spiritual Intelligence can give us is the ability to change our perceptions about anything – the people, the situations and the circumstances of our life.


This willingness to have new perceptions is essential because we can easily become fixed in our thinking and closed to new ways of looking at things.


With any thought or belief that we are holding that is causing us any kind of discomfort, especially about ourselves, we can ask our Spiritual Intelligence to release us from it, so we can see and perceive anew.


3)    Honour your Spiritual Intelligence by living in the present moment. The ego’s chief tool for keeping us out of the present moment is to keep us thinking about the past or the future. We feel that by having a list of intentions that we are going to create, we will then have control over our future, and life therefore will be better. The reality is that we only have control over our thoughts, words and, in most cases, our actions. As a result, we have the choice to let go of the desire for control and allow things to be, allowing into our lives that which is truly meant for us. In the words of the iconic Beatles’ song “Let it be, Let it be” and let the future take care of itself, for it will anyway!


Spiritual Freedom
Spiritual Freedom


So what intentions could you have for the next 12 months that are aligned with your Spiritual Intelligence?


  • To be totally open to the new


  • To think in limitless ways and be willing to think out of the box


  • To be willing to see all things and all people differently and, where necessary, with an understanding of another’s perspective


  • To recognise our own brilliance and worth and to see it in others


  • To accept yourself and the circumstances of your life exactly as they are right now, in the knowledge that acceptance of ‘what is’ is the first step to letting it go


  • To live with awareness in the present, for this is what releases the future to be all that it can be


  • To create the new in alignment with the guidance of your Spiritual Intelligence and ultimate destiny.


So whatever you feel intuitively drawn to create, be it a new business or a new creative project, a new house, job or relationship, you create and act in alignment with your inner sense of direction at all times. You create and act with the flow of what seems to be happening naturally for you, rather than trying to force things to happen. In short, you stop pushing and forcing situations, taking action only as you are guided and allow things to work out for you.


I believe that your ultimate destiny is where your Higher Purpose (as guided through your Spiritual Intelligence) and your determined action come together.



Sarah Alexander
Sarah Alexander

About the Author:

Sarah Alexander  runs 8 week transformational programmes for business owners and leader worldwide and uses Spiritual Intelligence to help them to make the most of their life’s work.  She is the author of ‘Spiritual Intelligence in Business: The Eight Pillars of 21st Century Business Success’ and ‘Spiritual intelligence in Leadership: From Manager to Leader in Your Own Life’.




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