We take it for granted. We are surrounded by it daily. We unconsciously absorb it. We love it if it’s pleasant and smooth, and we hate it if it’s harsh and loud. Sound is all around us, beautiful noise.

We go through each and every day surrounded by many sounds. Whether we are going round the supermarket or sitting in a restaurant, music will likely be playing somewhere in the background. Music and sound has a profound effect on our behaviour: shops believe that if they play slow music, people take longer to go round the shop and spend more; when they have queues to shift they raise the ante and play faster music, to which we subconsciously respond and make haste. We react emotionally in many different ways to sound. When we listen to the radio we hear songs that make us reminisce days gone by, happy times, the circumstances that gave birth to ‘our’ song, our favourite dance, the night of a great party when everyone danced to YMCA, and so on. Some make us laugh, some make us cry and some annoy us as they bring an unwanted memory right back in. There is a great link between our emotions and music. It has also been proved that listening to Mozart and his music can produce feelings of focus, increased attention span, calmness and peace to the listener increasing the ability to learn and remember.

All those who attend and sing in a choir will happily vouch for the fact that even if you have had to drag yourself out to a practice, at the end of the rehearsal you feel exhilarated, uplifted and in high spirits. The fact that you have used your voice in harmony with others becomes a singularly inspirational experience. More and more people are becoming involved with their communities in this way, joining choirs and using their voices to expand the spirit of community in their towns and villages.

In the villages in Georgia when you visit your doctor you come away with a song to sing. A particular song that has been energised for centuries by the local peoples, specifically for your ailment – you are required to sing it often and the miracle in the resonance of the sound allows and encourages healing to occur.

The Ancient Taoist sages recommended that certain sounds were particularly healing for certain organs in your body. They guided you to make specific sounds whilst focussing on each organ with the intention of healing and bring it back into balance.

Harnessing these benefits

The above are just a few examples of the many beneficial effects of sound in our lives. How can we harness this power to soothe, calm, heal, inspire and uplift us?

Each individual is a swirling mass of energy, made up of nothingness, matter if you like. At a sub atomic level the quark is at the heart of cellular structure. (Best to refer to Quantum Physics on this to find out more). This mass vibrates at different levels called frequencies or so many cycles per second. The denser the frequency the lower the level and to be at our optimum level we need to lift our vibrations ever higher. The Beach boys had the right of it in their song Good Vibrations. Low energy emotions such as anger, sadness, hate, guilt and shame can pull our vibrations way down so here are a few tips, using your own beautiful voice, (if you have just said to yourself, ‘mine isn’t’, then there is work to do with your self esteem and self worth), to help you lift your vibe and get in tune and harmony with yourself.

  • Take time for you where you won’t be disturbed for 10 minutes or more if you choose.
  • Close your eyes
  • Focus on your heart
  • Listen to its beat
  • Listen to the blood going around your body through the veins
  • Begin to hum
  • Develop that sound into an Ah sound
  • Make that sound long, gradually increasing the amount of time you can hold the note
  • Keep doing that, taking deep breaths in and then sounding AAAHHHH
  • At the same time focus on calming yourself, relieving all stress in your body, relaxing
  • Send that feeling to every single cell and you have approx 700 trillion
  • Bring your cells into balance and notice how you feel.
  • Open your eyes

Practice this twice a day and leave stress behind. Make 2012 the year of using sound for your optimum health.

About the Author
Patricia Iris Kerins is an Intuitive Sound Healer, Life Coach and Author of Viva Voce – The Living Voice. For further information on this and the VIVA voice and vibration courses that Patricia runs please visit her website.

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