By Marie Claire Carlyle

Despite the economic climate the truth is – attracting money can be incredibly easy.

Have you ever noticed how some people always seem to “fall on their feet”, whilst others have a different complaint each week? Or how wealthy people find it easy to attract more wealth, whilst poor people seem to get poorer?

These are examples of the Law of Attraction at work.

Just like the law of gravity, the Law of Attraction is a natural law of our universe, and so there is no escaping it. The Law of Attraction states that “like attracts like” If you are feeling grumpy, you will attract more reasons to be grumpy. If you are feeling rich and grateful for all that you have, you will attract more reasons to feel rich and grateful for all that you have.

You are already a magnet, attracting whatever you think about into your life.

The good news is that once you understand the very simple Law of Attraction, you will understand how you can attract more good things into your life.

There are basically two main steps:  1) understand the scientific theory and then 2) apply it to your own circumstances.

1) Science; how are your thoughts affecting your reality? Quantum Physics now provides us with the answers. It explains Einstein’s theory of “E-mc2” by telling us that all matter is made up of energy. The chair you’re sitting on, your clothes, even your thoughts.  We’re basically living in an energy soup.

Objects that look solid to our naked eye are actually made up of pure energy vibrating at a certain frequency.

Since everything is the same energy and we’re living in this energy soup – everything must be connected. Your body may be vibrating a different frequency to your computer, but essentially they are all energy and all interconnected.

Bob Proctor, author of Born Rich and star of the film, The Secret, refers to the connecting soup as the “formless original substance”. A thought in this substance produces the thing that is imaged by the thought. It’s as though our thought has left an imprint in the space that now holds the possibility of being created. This space is where you will find the possibility of you becoming a Magnet to Money.

If everything is connected energetically and your thoughts hold the power of creation, then you are the main creator of your world.

Understanding that you are the master of your life is the secret to attracting whatever you wish. Mastering your thoughts means choosing a direction for your life and keeping your thoughts aligned to that direction. Align your thoughts to attracting more money and you will attract more money. Focus on how little money you have and you will attract even less.

Once you acknowledge your creator role in the energetic pool of your life, everything gets so much easier. Of course, one of the challenges is that more than 80% of our thoughts are unconscious and so we may be creating a reality that we don’t consciously want.

For example, we want to have lots of money (conscious thought) but maybe we don’t actually like rich people (conscious or unconscious thought). At some level we will now protect ourselves from being wealthy and mean (unconscious thought) and we may aspire to be poor and good (unconscious thought). Conversely we may create wealth because we think that by becoming rich, no one can be mean to us.

Many of us look to wealth for security and we then create “just enough” wealth to be secure and have our basic needs met. To have more and to be rich could be considered by our unconscious thoughts to be “filthy”.

Clearly, the secret is to change your thoughts (conscious and unconscious) in order to create a new possibility for the amount of money in your life.

The money is already there. The only thing preventing you from being rich is you.

Here are some questions to help you recognize the thought patterns that may be preventing you from being a money magnet:

•    Are you a victim of circumstances or a master of your money?
•    Did something happen to you to create your current financial circumstances?
•    Are you wasting your energy on blaming someone else?
•    Can you let go of the blame and take full responsibility yourself?
•    Is it down to you that you don’t have a job, the car of your dreams or enough money in your bank account?
•    Can you be OK with that?
•    Can you be loving and forgiving of the person who created your current circumstances?
•    Are you ready to take full responsibility for what is in your life?
•    Are you ready to take full responsibility for the amount of money you are currently attracting?

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