I wrote on Facebook recently that when one door closes and another opens. One of the comments was that not only was this true but many times the door that opens is, more often than not, a better door.

This was certainly true for me a few weeks ago. I live in Spain although the majority of my business is in the UK. I run workshops, conduct Passion Test for Business Programs with individuals and companies and do quite a lot of networking in London. To do this we have been hugely supported by a great friend who, for the past few years, has very generously opened the doors of his house to us whenever we needed to be in the UK. Last week we heard that this was no longer possible and so it was time for us to say a huge thank you to our friend, and find a new London “home”.

My mind went into overdrive and I totally forgot that when one door closes another (often bigger and better) one opens. I started to fret about how we were going to be able to do what we needed to do with all the commitments we had made for the next six months. I forgot to trust that everything is working out – I forgot to ‘Remember the Perfection’ in the moment.

Luckily this temporary insanity(!) did not last long and Beatrice, who did remember that other doors do indeed open, wrote to a friend asking if he knew anyone who’d like an occasional flatmate. Within the hour he had written back saying that in fact he and his partner had only been talking a couple of weeks ago about how they’d like someone to use the spare room in their apartment but not all the time! What was so amazing was the timing of this – as he said the Universe is smiling down on us both right now.


Being too stressed about the ‘how’ rather than focusing on the ‘what’. Because I couldn’t see how I was going to be able to solve the problem I forgot that all I had to do was be clear on what I needed and then take appropriate action. My mind was racing ahead of itself and conjuring up all the problems that were not there. In fact we had many options, but because my mind was in problem mode rather than solution mode I could not see them. Once we got clear about the what, the how showed up.

And funnily enough once it had showed up I remembered thinking a couple of months ago, after a conversation with a friend who lives between Spain and the UK and shares a London flat with a friend, that it be great would be to have a similar kind of set up. A flat share where we wouldn’t be there all the time but we could come and go as we pleased. So in fact, I had created this in the first place!

Another lesson was trust. When I think back through my life these doors have always opened. Not always the ones I expected to open I will grant you that, but I have never been left in the lurch. And when I look back and see how particular doors actually led me to far greater places than I could have ever imagined (even if at the time I did not think so) I remember to trust.

And lastly timing – when something happens we often cannot see just how amazing the timing is. If our friend in London had not had the change in circumstances that led him to say we had to find a new home then the opportunity that was so perfect for us might no longer have been available.

What doors are opening or closing for you right now? Are you getting too embroiled in the ‘how’, have you forgotten to trust the journey?

About the Author
Jessica McGregor Johnson works internationally as a Life Fulfilment Coach. She offers a free introductory session to discuss how she can help you create the shift you want and feel excited about your career and life again. Contact or call 0203 239 6155 or visit

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