One of the major challenges for people who care for this planet we live on is getting the message across to mainstream society.

Rather than it being presented as something that only “fringe dwellers” talk about, how do we get the majority of society aware of the need to make some changes?

Answer – use the media and practices of mainstream society! Two of the major ones would be e-media and networking – and combinations of both.

So here are some guidelines:-

1. Create a Twitter account with a catchy “green” or “environmental” name

2. Create a profile on some of the major e-networking sites like Facebook, Ecademy and LinkedIn.

3. Register a BLOG with free services like “blogspot

4. Start writing well researched and data supported articles

5. Post the same article on each of the above as a blog

6. Create an account with YouTube

7. Record some short videos (using the same material as the above blogs). Most computers have a webcam these days and post those on your YouTube account

8. Create links in all of the above to each other to optimize your Google ranking and get more exposure.

So lets all get moving and get the message out that things need to change if we are to save this planet and preserve our lifestyles.

About the Author: Geoff Kirkwood brings to this site 40 years business experience – several successful businesses – and lessons learned as a world class speaker, author, catalyst and centre of influence.

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