The term gender fluid describes someone who identifies as being a mix of both traditional genders. Their gender expression may shift depending on their feelings or the situation they’re in. It does not indicate sexual preference or both sets of genitalia.  So why are more folk identifying as gender fluid and is it really something new?

Gender Fluid in the Ancient World

egyptMany ancient cultures honoured those who identified as gender fluid. The native Americans referred to them as ‘two-souls’ and saw them as doubly blessed and spiritually gifted, due to their ability to access both their inner masculine and feminine expression.

Egyptian civilizations also acknowledged the existence of gender fluidity. In fact, they prized the awakening and balancing of both genders within one’s energy field as the key to true enlightenment and power.

P-pharaoh-statue-amnhotep-ii-bc-graniteIn the first 17 dynasties of ancient Egypt, the ruling class were required to train at temple mystery schools under the tutelage of High Priests and Priestesses who initiated them to raise their ‘serpent power’ so they would have the spiritual, emotional and mental maturity to make balanced and wise decisions. This involved the practice of meeting and understanding the many faces of the God and Goddess within their own psyche.

One who had successfully awakened and embodied their divine self through activating and balancing their inner feminine and masculine serpent energies was permitted to wear the royal headpieces which bore the symbol of the King Cobra.

How To Express Both Gender Polarities for a Healthy Psyche


The inner twin serpents are the meridians of electromagnetic energy which lay coiled dormant at the base of our central nervous cord in our spine until they are awakened through yogic initiation.  One meridian activates the consciousness of the sacred feminine and the other meridian activates the consciousness of the sacred masculine.

To raise the current of energy from the base to the spine, we simply need to understand and integrate the seven facets of the inner God and Goddess which govern the 7 major energy centers in our bodies. Known as ‘chakras’ in Sanskrit, they act as sub-stations which refine the quality of energy and enable us to integrate all aspects of ourselves. This is why the ancient symbol for health and healing which was later adopted by our modern medical fraternity was the image of the caduceus, the twin serpents spiraled upward on the central pillar.

The ancient civilizations acknowledged the many facets of the divine in both the feminine and masculine expression, as universal archetypes which were reflected in their own psyche. It is also why the ancient Greeks, Romans, Mesopotamians, Sumerians and Indo-Europeans were all polytheistic. The Greek scholar, Pythagorus trained for 22 years in the Egyptian mystery schools and Asklepius, the father of modern medicine created many health retreats throughout ancient Greece dedicated to the practice of healing through the raising of serpent power.

Why Our Kids Are More Likely to Identify as Gender Fluid

We are currently experiencing a global shift in consciousness, which is reflected in the relaxed social rules and growing freedom of expression. As a result, our kids are more likely to express the full spectrum of their psyche than those of previous generations who were ridiculed if they deviated from the traditional gender roles considered acceptable by mainstream society.




Tanishka is the author of ‘Creating Sacred Union Within’ a guide for those wishing to understand and express all facets of their psyche to awaken their twin serpents. She is touring the UK in May / June. For more details, go to





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