By Marie Claire Carlyle

Everyone can benefit from some Feng Shui in their home and the place to start is with your clutter, especially if you want to attract more money into your life.

Many people think of Feng Shui as simply the placement of objects around the home, and although this plays a pivotal role, it means very little if you are surrounded by clutter.

You don’t need any specialist knowledge to get started, just a willingness to look at every item of clutter and either find a suitable place for it in your home or, better still, dispose of it.

Feng Shui works with the energy of a home and how it flows from room to room. When there is clutter in the home, it slows down the energy.

In my experience people with a lot of clutter in their home are often tired and never seem to have enough money. Money is energy. If you wish to have more money, you need to create space for it. I often get asked “What is the one thing that I can do to get more money?” Without question, I advise them to ”Go home and start clearing your clutter.” It makes way for some new energy to enter your life.

Clutter is the stuff in our homes and in our heads that gets in the way of us living the life we desire.

So ask yourself;
• What clutter do I have in my life (both physical and mental)? The Feng Shui Academy definition of clutter is: Anything that is not loved, not useful or not kept in an orderly manner.
• When am I going to clear it out?
And then get started – even clearing just a little bit will start to make a difference.

You know, better than anyone else, where the clutter is in your home. What is your worst clutter? Is it the collection of unread magazines, the unworn clothes in the wardrobe or the stack of unwanted presents? Where does everything get hidden when you don’t know what to do with it? Is it the garage, the loft or the spare bedroom that needs clearing?

If your bedroom is cluttered, make it a priority area to be cleared. It will be giving your mind all the wrong messages as you fall asleep and you are likely to wake up feeling exhausted. Maybe your home is free of physical clutter. To the external eye, it is clutter free. How about your handbag or briefcase? How is the state of your car? What about your email inbox?

Case Study: From Clutter to Riches

When I first arrived at the house, I thought I was at the wrong address. Through the window, all I could make out were boxes piled up high and a room full of disarray. It looked more like the scene of a squat, rather than the home of a young entrepreneur!
That’s when Amanda appeared at the door.

Amanda is the owner of a small creative business and yet she had called me because she had no money. The last straw was when her bicycle was stolen and she couldn’t afford a new one. On entering her home I was to discover that Amanda and her partner had been living in only half of her home for the last five years. The rest of the house was piled high with clutter.

Since the death of her grandmother, Amanda hadn’t been able to dispose of her grandma’s belongings. During the course of the consultation, Amanda was able to release the stuck emotion of grief, to find closure and to move on. She then cleared a total of seven car loads of clutter that very day. Within a month Amanda had her home back and she celebrated with a drinks party in the cleared rooms.

Within six months, Amanda’s financial situation had completely transformed. Sales in her business had doubled. She had been able to buy herself a brand new car and had indulged in a total of four short holiday breaks. Amanda was no longer someone working all hours and feeling that she had no money. Clearing her clutter changed her life.

About The Author:
Marie Claire Carlyle is an accredited Feng Shui consultant and author of the book “How to become a Money Magnet”.
You can hear interviews with Marie Claire on this site – type her name into the search box at the top right of this site.

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