The most important thing right now is to remember who you are at a time of great change and transition.

So, how do you remember who you are? By taking a look at the inside rather than the outside.

What does that mean?  It means asking yourself how you feel right now. Do you feel sad or lonely or rejected?  You can sense this most easily in the solar plexus, not the heart.

The solar plexus is the most detached place in your body. It will register the feelings you have in the heart but in a more detached way.  You can then think things through rather than ‘emote’, as you do in the heart. Feel into the solar plexus right now.  It means you need to give yourself a bit of private space or you will become distracted.

So, you are sitting in a quiet space feeling into the solar plexus. It will probably make you sigh with resignation, because you will realise how long you’ve been feeling this way: rejected, betrayed, abandoned, fed up with always being denied things? Whatever it is, heighten the feeling and make sure you really do feel it very strongly, even if it becomes quite unbearable.


Time to Change cover
Time to Change cover

Put a picture on that feeling. Who is making you feel like that?  Is it your mother, your father, your brother, sister?  Find who in the family is making you feel like that. BUT, be absolutely clear, it is not someone at fault. No one is at fault. It is simply the way you have brought this deep wound to light.



Realise how often you feel like this in your life, how often that deep-seated distress is triggered in your relationships.

So, it’s time to let go that long, long time feeling. You’ve seen it; let it go. Watch that person walking away, letting you go now.  Feel the relaxation in your solar plexus as you watch that person walking off, knowing that they are walking away from you once and for all. They will never create that disturbance in you ever again.  It does not mean they walk out of your life, but are walking out of your life in that distressing way.

You will be amazed how the picture around you can change. Be aware that this feeling, this age old wound can disappear, and the sky around you can clear.

Look up now in your meditation and see the clear blue sky. Feel that sky in your solar plexus. It feels bright and calming and happy. It makes your whole world seem bright and beautiful and clear and sunny.

What does that bright sky feel like in your being, in your body, in your heart, in your head?  It makes you feel relaxed but above all it expands your horizons, it expands your freedom, it expands your being. How good does that feel?

Make a decision. Every day is another day. Today as you expand into this amazing sense of happiness and freedom you can begin to experience yourself as special, as exceptional, as You. The more you feel the truth of who you are, the more you will find out the truth of who you are to become. It is as simple as that. Try it.



Author Annie Davison
Author Annie Davison

About the Author

For the last 15 years Annie Davison has worked as a counsellor through channelled guidance, helping individuals manage inner and outer change. Her new book ‘Time to Change: a guide to life after greed’ ( is intended as a simple discussion in a complex world, of the way things are at the present time. It includes practical guidelines on how to change, and what is involved.





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