By Sarah Alexander

We are often faced with big decisions that need to be made. This can lead to much soul searching and indecision as we weigh up the pros and cons.

But there is an easier way – we can use our own inner guide, our intuition, to assist us so that we make the right decisions at all times.

Many top business people, including Richard Branson* and Max Clifford*, use intuition to make important business decisions – and you can too. Our intuition is something that is available to us all, all of the time – it is quite literally free expertise and guidance. We just have to learn how to use it and more importantly, we have to trust it.

I have spent the last 10 years helping people to access their intuition in order to increase their success in their chosen field and I believe there are four key steps to understanding and using your intuition:

• Firstly you must understand how your intuition comes to you; for example is it a feeling, is it something you see, is it something you hear or is it an idea that just “comes” to you? Think about times in the past when you’ve used intuition – this will help you recognise how it comes to you.

• Secondly, you need to be in a position to allow your intuition to operate; for example you need to be open, relaxed and receptive. Stress is the biggest killer of intuition. So allow yourself a few minutes to relax and quieten your mind – even five minutes is better than nothing and can open the door to your intuition.

• Thirdly, you need to be able to differentiate between the constant chatter in your head and your real intuitive messages. This can be difficult sometimes but there are some simple ways to tell the difference. For example, listen out for messages that are both positive and repetitive – this is a great indicator of intuition at work.

• Fourthly, you need to have the confidence and trust to follow the intuitive messages you receive and take action based on that guidance. The more you act on your intuition the stronger it will get and the more your confidence and self esteem will increase. If you are nervous and don’t feel you can “trust yourself” use it for small decisions to get you started. Very soon you’ll discover that it is reliable and easy to access whenever you need it.

Your intuition can help you to be successful in all that you do by helping you make good decisions, guiding you to the right people, recognising opportunities that come to you and ensuring that you are in the right place at the right time.

Many successful people have found that by following their intuition doors have opened for them and things have worked out more easily that they could have imagined.

About the Author: Sarah Alexander is an expert in intuition and has worked with 100s of clients helping them tap into their intuition and use it make decisions in their lives – both personally and professionally. For more information visit:

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