Easter is known as the holiest festival in the Christian calendar. It also gives us all, whether Christian or not, the opportunity to renew our personal faith, as we witness and experience our personal “crucifixions” and “resurrections” in our own lives.

These periods can be both challenging and deeply painful, but help is at hand. Your angels are there to guide and assist you.

Angels, from the Greek word angeloi, are messengers, conveying messages from the Divine Mind of the Creator to you, the created. Their ultimate mission is to bring you peace. So if you are facing a challenging time, know you have a team of loyal supporters who are here to help you move to the other side of it and rise again.

If you have doubts about the existence of angels and their ability to help you, put it to the test. Ask them to help you and see what happens!

Step One: Be clear about what you want help with.

We all have free will, and so by Universal Law angels can only help you if you ask for their help. All you have to say (out loud or in your head) is, “Angels, please help me with …..”, and they will hear your request.

Remember though: add to your requests that you want for this or something better to happen. That allows your angels to use their creative abilities to bring you something even better than you have imagined.

Step Two: Detach from your desires

Having made clear requests to your angels, your next step is to let go of those requests completely.

This attitude of total detachment declares, “I place this situation totally in your hands and allow you to heal it in whatever way is for my highest good and in alignment with the Higher Purpose of this situation.” The more you can surrender your expectations of what you think should happen and how it should work out, the easier you are making things for your angels.

Step Three: Be open to guidance from your angels

Angels will communicate with you through your subtle inner senses and feelings, through synchronicities and repetitive ideas and feelings. Coupled with all angelic guidance is the gut feeling of sense of “Yes, this is right.”
There are four main avenues of angelic communication: clairvoyance (seeing), clairsentience (feeling), clairaudience (hearing) and claircognizance (ideas in the mind). We are all able to receive messages in each of these ways, but often we favour a particular one.

All angelic guidance will be positive, empowering and for the highest good of all. When you take the recommended steps, it always feels good and right.

Step Four: Quiet Time

Your mind wants to be active all the time, leaping from one thought to another. This is especially so when you are feeling stressed or worried about an issue.

To receive your angels’ guidance, you will need to take some time every day to relax and quieten, and preferably to meditate.

Step Five: Take Time Out in Nature

Being outdoors in nature automatically changes your perspective and improves your mood; you are more open, relaxed and able to think clearly. Your angels can readily take advantage of this more receptive state to transmit guidance.

Brisk walking or jogging is even better as it makes you breathe in a way that opens you to your angels’ transmissions.

Step Six: Take action on your guidance

The more you are attuned to your subtle inner senses, the easier it is to receive angelic guidance. Whatever the form of the message, the content will be repetitive, and it is very important that you do act upon it. The more you do act in alignment with your angels’ messages, the more you will get to trust them.

As we move, with our angels help, from our personal crucifixions to our resurrections we really feel that we have been re-born. Often the symbolic three days is the time that it takes us to move to a place where we really are able to see the situation with new eyes. To get to this place, all we have to do is surrender our limited thinking into the hands of our angels, and they will guide you.

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