In my books King Jesus and Mary Magdalene, we saw that both the Old and New Testaments are actually infused with a great deal of astrology, if we did but know how to discover and identify it!

Having done so, it would appear that a large segment of ancient Judaism and original Christianity actually dealt with the veneration of precessional astrology/astronomy.

Why? Because this was the only accurate method of maintaining a royal and a cultural history through the millennia. With precessional astrology you only need to mention the symbol of the zodiac that an event or monarch was associated with, and the era for that event or monarch can be narrowed down considerably: sometimes to just a few years.


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The fact that the Israelites were Shepherds (Aries) and they were battling with Apis-bull worshippers (Taurus), during the infamous ‘golden calf’ affair at the foot of Mt Sinai, immediately tells us that this event occurred just after the constellation of Taurus had ceded its dominant position at the vernal equinox (spring equinox) to Aries. In other words, this was just after the Great Month of Taurus turned into the Great Month of Aries, or about 1750 BC. And if we equate this event to the Hyksos Shepherds Exodus out of Egypt to Jerusalem (as narrated by Manetho) then this is correct, for the accepted date is around 1570 BC (this religious dispute had simmered for more than a century).

Likewise, when Pharaoh Alexander III and Pharaoh Ptolemy III were pictured wearing the horns of the ram, this also identified them with the Great Month of Aries, which ended in about AD 10. And in a similar fashion, Jesus’ peculiar transmutation from a Lamb of God (Aries) to a Fisher of Men (Pisces) places his birth in the early 1st century, which it evidently was.

Thus it would appear that the ancient Egypto-Judaic priesthood were guardians of the Day Book, the diary and biography of the royal dynasties of the Egypto-Judaeans, and to track those dynasties and the many momentous events in their lives they used precessional astronomy to shape their chronological framework. And they no doubt also used precessional astronomy to make predictions for the future, and thus secured their exalted position within Egypto-Judaean society as the guardians of all wisdom, be that for the past, present or future.

But our knowledge of precessional astronomy was nearly exterminated in AD 70, when Jerusalem was destroyed by the Romans. As I relate in the books King Jesus and Jesus, King of Edessa, Jesus was not a pauper prince of peace, but a warrior king of Edessa in northern Syria – the very same family who fomented and prosecuted the Jewish revolt in AD 70, according to the historians Josephus Flavius and Moses of Chorene.

The aim of this royal family had been to take over the Roman east, with a view to taking over the entire Roman Empire (the Throne of Rome being vacant at this time). But the plan went horribly wrong when the Romans used the might of their near-invincible army to ravage Judaea and destroy Jerusalem.

In this era the great traditions of precessional astrology were held almost exclusively by the Nazarene Fourth Sect of Judaism – the Church of Jesus and James – and so the destruction of the Nazarenes of Edessa was very nearly a terminal blow to the veneration of the precessional zodiac (as opposed to the veneration of the emasculated annual zodiac, that we see today in trashy magazines today).

If a knowledge of precession was to survive, then these ancient traditions would have to be relocated elsewhere, and if necessary go underground. So where did they go to? The answer is – to England and the stories of King Arthur.



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