By Brian Mills.

Why is it that if we believe we have a guardian angel that we don’t talk to it? And if we believe in our guardian angel, then we must believe that there are Archangels too, so why don’t we talk to them?

My life totally changed when I asked angels to help achieve one of my dreams and I even changed the name of my home from A Bit Twee to Ark Angel in gratitude for their intervention. I asked the Angel of Manifestation to manifest my dream of leaving East London and moving to live on a river on a houseboat. I asked the Angel of Abundance to provide me with the finances to be able to afford to buy such a property. What I learnt was some important steps in working with angels which I would like to share with you.

1. Know that you can ask angels for anything but they will always give you what you need not necessarily what you want.

2. You ask, you do not demand.
a. Be specific in what you are asking for and be short and brief and ask for a particular named angel. If you don’t  know its name then ask for the angel relating to the subject or quality you are requesting: Sandalphon is the Angel of Abundance but if you could not remember his name just simply ask for the Angel of Abundance like this: “Angel of Abundance, please help me now and bring abundance into my life.” Then just let it go, knowing that Sandalphon will take care of it.

3. You only have to ask once; you do not repeat the question.

4. If it is meant to happen for you then it will happen quickly. If not and what you are trying for is difficult then the sign would be that it not meant to happen at all.

5. Watch the signs.

6. Understand the names of all the Archangels what they represent. Raphael is the Angel of Healing. Gabriel, the Angel of Creativity, Michael the Angel of Protection, Uriel the Angel of Psychology etc.

7. Once you start working with angels, begin to furnish your home with more angel energy by purchasing figurines and ornaments of angels that will attract their loving energy to your home.

8. Book yourself an Angel Reading with an Accredited Angel Therapist and always remember to make notes or record the reading for future reference.

9.  If you feel sometimes lightheaded after angel intensity then just ground yourself by stamping your feet on the ground, or doing a mundane activity.

10. Use ANGEL NUMBERS when it is at all possible: for fees, for fortuitous dates etc. ANGEL NUMBERS are always multiples of the same numeral: 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, 99, 111 and so on.

Angels will always help you to realise your dreams if you ask them. In 2001 I had attended a Workshop by Doreen Virtue and knew that my life would never be the same again. I was working on London Underground Railway at Temple Station when one day the newspaper seller outside the station handed me a newspaper, telling me to read an article. It was about people who lived on houseboats and that automatically brought back a childhood memory of walking at Benfleet Creek and seeing these boats. I asked my mother, “Why do those boats have curtains up at their windows?” “Because people live on them, they’re houseboats,” she replied. I then dreamed of living on a houseboat and now I do.

About the Author.
Brian Mills is an accredited angel therapist and gives angel readings and facilitates Angel Days on his houseboat Ark Angel on Taggs Island in Hampton.

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