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Prediction Magazine [ ]  editor and angel expert Alexandra Wenman guides you through a powerful meditation with 12 mighty archangels to send peace and healing to our planet on 12.12.12


As we embark on a new golden era for our beloved planet Gaia, this meditation will introduce you to 12 mighty Archangels – one for each month of the year – who are here to help us heal our Earth.


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These angels will guide you through an initiation to receive your own pair of beautiful angelic wings in each of their colours. These wings and hold all of the blessings and lessons unique to each angel. As you receive these blessings, they integrate into your very aura and symbolise your own status as an Earth angel. Visualise yourself wrapping your wings around our whole planet to send a rainbow spectrum of love, healing and protection to all. Then seal it in the gold light of the Divine to anchor it.


Once you receive this gift, you may find your life changes dramatically for the better, as you reignite your childlike wonder for the world and become a shining example to others in need.


1. Ariel – pale pink / rose

Gifts: Love for nature, courage and strength


As we invoke the mighty Archangel Ariel, visualise a large pearlescent rose pink orb of light floating towards you. As this orb gets closer, it begins to materialise into a beautiful pink angel. She is covered in garlands of roses. She hands you a pink rose. As you inhale it’s exquisite perfume, you start to feel a tingling sensation between your shoulder blades and your own pair of glittering rose pink angel wings now begin to open. You realise you can spread these wings as wide and as far as the eye can see. You now wrap these gorgeous wings around our planet, imbuing her with courage and strength, and blessing all living things – the plants, animals, people, the rocks and streams and all of nature.


2. Chamuel – magenta and spring leaf green

Gifts: Heart healing, open-heartedness, kindness and compassion


As we invoke the mighty Archangel Chamuel, a vibrant magenta and spring leaf green orb now surrounds you and you feel your heart begin to open. As you sense yourself being flooded with love and compassion, your wings now turn a deep shade of magenta pink outlined in bright spring leaf green. Once again, you wrap these wings around the planet to send loving kindness and compassion to all.


3. Gabriel – white

Gifts: Communication, aligning with your true purpose


As this pearlescent white orb now surrounds you, you hear a trumpet sound somewhere in the distance. This is the clarion call to your soul to recognise and align with it’s true purpose and mission! Your wings begin to turn the purest white and, as you wrap these wings around the Earth, you send the gift of clarity to all living beings, allowing them to align with their true calling and fulfil their potential.


4. Hanael – red

Gifts: Moon cycles, heart healing, balance, flow


A brilliant red orb now materialises like a blood moon on the horizon. It sets your pulse racing, energising and uplifting you. You count in time to the rhythm of your heart and feel as though everything in your life is now flowing with such grace and ease. You spread your magnificent vibrant red wings around the planet and powerful healing flows around her and her inhabitants with every beat of your heart.


5. Jophiel – pale sunshine yellow

Gifts: Inner and outer beauty, inspiration, creativity


Imagine you are looking into a mirror and as you start to fully appreciate your own beauty, the mirror begins to morph into delicate pale yellow orb. This orb floats down over your head, radiating brilliant light like sunshine all around you. This light illuminates your perfect brilliant yellow wings and you spread them out around the world, you are recognising her beauty and the inner and outer beauty of all her inhabitants.


6. Metatron – bright gold

Gifts: Knowledge and wisdom, Divinity, sacred geometry


A golden orb now starts to expand within the centre of your consciousness. It radiates golden light through your mind, illuminating deep inner wisdom. You now acknowledge your own divinity and, in doing so, you are able to recognise the divinity – the God – with everyone! Spreading your magnificent golden wings now, you connect with everything and everyone in existence, feeling the unsurpassable love of the creator flow between you.


7. Michael – Indigo blue

Gifts: Courage and protection


An indigo blue orb now floats into view, sweeping over your shoulders like an indigo blue cloak. As you courageously raise your arms, this cloak transforms into a vast pair of blue wings, which you now throw protectively around the globe, shielding her and all her beloved creatures from harm of any kind.


8. Raguel – pale blue / sky blue

Gifts: Friendship, harmony in relationships


Gazing up at a clear blue sky, you can make out an orb of sky blue light moving towards you and, as it encapsulates you, it evokes so many happy memories of all your friends and loved ones. Any misunderstandings are now swept away as you open your pale blue feathery wings, spreading harmony and peace out into the atmosphere for the whole of humanity.


9. Raphael – emerald green

Gifts: Physical healing


You are standing by crystal clear emerald stream and, as you wade into the waters, you realise they are healing waters, blessed with magical powers. Dipping beneath the surface, your physical body feels energised and renewed and all aches and pains are washed away. As you rise up out of the stream, the water cascades down over you and forms into a pair of emerald wings. They flow out further and further, like a river going off in all directions, washing away the ailments, aches and pains of everyone in their path.


10. Sandalphon – copper gold

Gifts: Bringing heaven to Earth, grounding


A copper gold orb appears in front of you and begins to stretch upwards like a column of fire. It soon reaches the heavens yet remains connected to the earth. you step forward into this pillar of golden fire and it becomes a huge pair of giant copper gold wings, stretching into infinity. You realise that you can now reach higher planes whilst remaining grounded in the here and now. And, as you hold the whole planet in your winged embrace, you are helping them to reach heaven on Earth.


11. Uriel – earthy burnt orange

Gifts: Emotional healing, forgiveness, clearing karma


A warmth is now swirling in your belly. As it sirs around, it begins to expand. You feel dreamy, blissful and comforted – as though you’ve just eaten a bowl of delicious soup. As this feeling grows, you realise that your wings have now turned an earthy orange. Reaching them around the planet, they turn to embers and very gently begin to burn away all the negative karma of the entire population of Earth.


12. Zadkiel – silver violet (flame)

Gifts: Transmutation, protection


A delicate sound, like the tinkling of little silver bells begins to chime inside your mind and sparkles of violet light twinkle and ignite around you. You hear a hiss and your wings burst into violet flame. All negative thoughts and emotions are dissolved instantly and, like wildfire, your intention alone is enough to send this silver violet flame everywhere simultaneously, engulfing all negativity in its path and clearing the karma for the whole planet.


Alexandra Wenman
Alexandra Wenman


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