1. Start Small – Start by clearing a small area of your home or office, your sock drawer, a kitchen cupboard or desk drawer. When you are finished, allow the fantastic feeling of having a newly claimed space to act like a clutter clearing catalyst and carry you on to a gradually larger and larger space.

2. Shift Your Focus – Before you start clearing each area take a few deep breaths and notice how looking at the area makes you feel. Take a deep breath in and as you exhale let go of any negative emotions, tightness in your body or resistance you may be experiencing about clearing the clutter. Close your eyes and affirm to yourself ‘I can easily find and focus on things I love, need and use – the rest I am safe to release’. Shift your focus so that your clutter becomes your ally, like a friend helping to highlight the things you have hidden, but actually want to keep.

3. Find Your Treasures – Begin your clearing process by sorting through the area you are clearing and putting aside all the things you instantly feel drawn to that you definitely want to keep. These are your treasures. The things you use regularly or love to have in your home or workplace. You are likely to find some hidden treasures here, which have perhaps been long buried by the clutter!

4. Trash or Treasure? – Some things you may not feel instantly drawn to keep and may find indecisiveness creeping in about whether they are trash or treasure. Hold the item in your hands and tune into your intuition by asking yourself ‘does this item expand or deplete my energy?’ – notice how you feel when you do this. If you feel a sense of warmth in your heart, excitement in your stomach or fond warmth across your body then you know the item is a treasure. If you don’t feel anything at all – check in with whether the item serves any practical purpose in your life. If yes, keep it. If no, bin it. If you feel anxious, nervous, resentful or a tightening, heavy or restrictive sensation when holding an item then that’s a sure sign it energetically drains you. Let it go!

5. Trash Fast! – When you have finished clearing your selected area trust your instincts on what to trash and trash fast! Items can only be released from draining your energy once they have left your possession and are no longer your responsibility. While they are still sat in your garage or loft, they are still draining you. Put your rubbish out for recycling and anything reusable donate to charity. Take action on this fast. The sooner you let go the sooner you’ll be truly free of your clutter inside and out and feel the benefits energetically of having created space for yourself.

About the Author Jayne Morris, The POWER Coach, is Founder and Director of Power-Up Coaching. For more information see:

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