By Chantal Cooke

You can’t live by organic bread alone.

This is something we believe in strongly at Passion for the Planet.

Passionate as we are about the planet, its people and its flora and fauna, we love other stuff too.Passion for the Planet has been criticised for broadcasting interviews and features that aren’t strictly environmental. This blog has been criticised for including postings that aren’t about green issues.

But there’s a reason we choose to include other issues in both our programming and this blog – it’s because we believe “you can’t live by organic bread alone”.

For example, my life includes a number of very green behaviours and a number of not so green ones! And I’d guess that everyone in the UK is the same, some have more green behaviours than I do, some have less. The point is, it’s a mixture. I am passionate about environmental issues, wildlife and nature and I also enjoy the cinema, reading science fiction and travelling. Again, a mixture.

Even the most dedicated environmentalist doesn’t want to be immersed in green to the exclusion of all else – and let’s face it, most of us are part time eco warriors, not full time. And Passion for the Planet is a reflection of this. We all have other interests, other concerns, other passions.

Passion for the Planet’s aim is to help change the world for the better. I say “help” because we believe we all have a role to play in making the world a better place, none of us are going to do it single-handedly. So how do we feel Passion for the Planet can help?

By providing information and inspiration to help us all make informed choices. Choices that will help us live a greener, healthier, more ethical life.

If all we did was bang on about being environmentally responsible we might fulfil the information part of our chosen remit, but we’d fail miserably on the inspiration (and entertainment) front!

So, just like the radio station, a number of different people, with different views contribute to this blog, and just like the radio station this blog will not be exclusively green. It can’t be. Our environment doesn’t exist in isolation and the minute we forget that, we are doomed.

About the Author
Chantal Cooke is co-founder of PASSION for the PLANET

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