Many agree our world is out of balance, reflecting the fact most of us are too. However most of us don’t realize the fastest way to restore balance – both personally and collectively – is through reclaiming ancient feminine wisdom and traditions.

Why? Our modern-day culture is built upon the values and structures of the Roman Empire – a civilization that outlawed feminine wisdom teachings and practices and ultimately fell because it was unsustainable.

So, this is an invitation to be part of the global solution by applying these simple and practical suggestions to tap into your own Goddess wisdom – an approach which will help sustain your energy, minimize your stress and create more balance in your daily life.

  1. Align With the Natural Cycles: The wisdom teachings of the ancient Goddess tradition are based upon the understanding that everything in life is cyclic. So if we align our activities with the energetic ebb and flow of the solar, lunar, seasonal and planetary cycles we conserve and harness our energy, minimizing stress and struggle and maximizing growth and vitality.

For example:

  • Rise with the Sun to enhance your confidence and brighten your daily mood
  • Plan travel across time zones during the changing seasons of Spring/Autumn to minimize jet lag
  • Never plan an event such as a kid’s birthday party or project launch during the darkest lunar phase, known as ‘new moon’ or low energy all round will diminish the success of your event
  1. Embrace Your Downward Spirals: The Goddess tradition views life’s downward spirals as inner journeys to reflect and transform perspectives that aren’t personally sustainable. This is more graceful than fighting our current circumstances or judging ourselves for failing if things don’t go according to plan.

The feminine way to grow wisdom is to seek to identify the blessing and lesson in every situation. This practice develops humility, insight and gratitude which then attracts positive resolutions. So rather than resist darker thoughts and emotions when they surface by seeking distractions with work, socializing or virtual reality or numbing inner discomfort with alcohol or food, the wisest thing to do is to feel the intensity of the inner experience in order to transform it.

To do that, breathe into your belly to connect with your feelings so you can access and release them. Once expressed, journal the thoughts that underpinned your feelings so you can bring the light of awareness to question the stories that created your perceived drama.

  1. Attune to Your Intuition: Intuition is the term given to our ‘inner knowing’ – the first thought we perceive in response to any situation, person or event. If we are not encouraged to acknowledge it we over-ride it with rational analysis. In patriarchal cultures that devalue a feminine approach, intuition is dismissed as not being as valid as rational analysis. Fortunately neuroscientists have recently acknowledged the subconscious mind can process a million times more data than the conscious mind and this is done in a fraction of the time.(1) So it’s worth strengthening your intuition and this is done simply by noticing it and acting upon it.
  1. Get to Know Your Feminine Archetypes: In our modern culture denied ancient feminine wisdom teachings women are considered impossible to understand – hence the age-old question, ‘What do women want?’ Whereas ancient cultures understood both the feminine and masculine parts of our collective psyche. Why? They used the oral tradition of storytelling to share the universal lessons of both the feminine and masculine aspects illustrated by the archetypal Gods and Goddesses who featured in their myths and legends.

So, to empower your self-understanding as a woman or better understand your partner, get to know the seven feminine and masculine archetypes that serve as a map for navigating our psyche and empowering our self-expression.

  1. Recognize Messages From Your Feminine Side: Both men and women have a feminine side – physically this is the left side of our body and also our inner most thoughts and feelings since the feminine governs our inner self. So if you find you have chronic ailments on the left side of your body this is a flag to honor the needs of your inner self. For example:
  • Ensure you get enough time simply being with regular unscheduled time rather than always doing goal-oriented tasks so you don’t exhaust your adrenals and nervous system
  • Take time to reflect upon your life experiences by spending time contemplating your past actions and reactions in the serenity of nature or in the bath
  • Journal your dreams or discuss them upon waking to analyze the messages being offered by your subconscious

To find out more about these Goddess wisdom teachings and more practical suggestions to feel more balanced and empowered, check out Tanishka’s latest book, ‘Goddess Wisdom’ due for global release with Hay House June 6 in conjunction with her ‘Goddess Wisdom’ online course. For more info about Tanishka and her work go to: www.themoonwoman.com



Tanishka is best known as ‘The Moon Woman’ with over half a million followers of her daily lunar guidance blog. She is a bestselling author of five books who has taught ancient women’s wisdom and traditions for over 20 years and trained women in 43 countries to facilitate monthly women’s circles as a global leader in the Red Tent movement. A former stand-up comedienne, she has captivated audiences around the world by decoding the greatest mystery of all time, ‘The Holy Grail’ from the perspective of the sacred feminine. Her latest book, ‘Goddess Wisdom’ is due out June 6 with Hay House in conjunction with her ‘Goddess Wisdom’ online course. For more info about Tanishka & her work visit: www.themoonwoman.com



(1) https://www.brucelipton.com/resource/interview/mind-growth-and-matter


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