Shoes are a weakness for many women. There is something about shoe shops that causes otherwise practical and sensible women to go weak at the knees, forget where they were going and what they were doing, and end up struggling dazedly home with several large shopping bags sometime later. These are then often stealthily concealed at the back of wardrobes and cupboards, away from the eyes of long suffering husbands and boyfriends.

If this sounds familiar then don’t worry! I recently purchased a pair of shoes which, although probably a bit more expensive than I could afford, I can justify owning for a number of reasons beyond the fact that they are elegant, beautiful, I love them; they make me feel good…

For a start they are shoes with heels that are really comfortable. They are also really well made and therefore likely to last the test of time.

However the really interesting thing about them is the variety of recycled items that has gone into the making of them. They come from a company called Terra Plana which endeavours to use eco-friendly materials, including recycled memory foam, old quilts from Pakistan, and re-used mesh, with as little glue as possible when making its shoes. And some even come in a compostable coconut box that can be re-used as a seed tray (once you’ve taken the shoes out of course).

Although my particular shoes are just simple, black, mid-heeled work shoes, Terra Plana stock a whole host of fashionable smart and casual shoes, boots, sandals and trainers.

The brand offers proof that ethical and sustainable clothing doesn’t have to come in varying degrees of beige or be made from hemp. It can be fashionable, desirable and good for you.



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