Are you in a new relationship? Have you come across some new challenges? In this modern world, dating and relationships aren’t as simple as they used to be. With the ever changing times, many couples find that the complexity of relationships has become more and more challenging every time. The problem is, sometimes our expectations of what we want and what we get is two different things. For those who are working through a new relationship, the following a guide on relationship advice and tips for those who are dating in the modern world.

 Modern Day Advice For Real Couples

Challenge #1 – Poor Relationship Early On

On the dating scene, it’s important to realise that not every relationship works. Many new relationships are already doomed before they’re given a try. The problem is however, not many people see the warning signs of these relationships and continue to try to make it work anyway. Some of the warning signs of a doomed relationship can include:

  • Resentment
  • Disrespect
  • Lying
  • Mistrust
  • Distancing
  • Bad mouthing
  • Demanding proof of love
  • Emotional infidelity
  • Obsession with your partner or vice versa
  • Threats and blackmail
  • Sabotage

If you’re in this situation it’s important to be realistic and understand that the more time you waste dating someone who you know in your heart isn’t going to turn out, the less time you have to meet someone that’s right for you. Don’t feel bad about ending the relationship, although it may seem wrong at the time, it will be the right thing for the both of you.

 Challenge #2 – Cheating

Another major challenge that many couples face is the possibility of either partner cheating. With new advancements in technology and social media platforms, it makes it easier for someone to easily cheat on their partner. In reality cheating is a result of laziness. If you’re tempted to cheat, it means you’re not doing enough to keep your relationship exciting. To help overcome this urge, it’s important to start making your relationship more exciting. Start being spontaneous. Work on bringing the excitement back into your relationship by surprising one another. Compliment your partner every chance you get and spend quality time together, away from any technology based devices. By doing this you will reduce the urge for both of you to cheat.

 Challenge #3 – Not Telling Your Partner How You Feel

Many relationships in today’s modern world don’t communicate how they feel for the other person. It’s important to let your partner know how you feel and that you care for them by telling them and showing them. Many couples think that being with that special someone is all that’s needed to show love. Unfortunately, this isn’t true, your partner needs to hear how you feel about them and the relationship. It’s always important to be honest and communicate when you feel something isn’t right. Remember you both perceive love in many different ways.

p-couple laughing Challenge #4 – Growing A Strong Relationship

Before you enter a relationship, you may find that everything is going well until life starts to get lonely. Then you enter a relationship and you feel the urge to never leave your partner for a second. Unfortunately, this can be damaging to a new relationship as it can become suffocating. It’s important to balance your time with your loved one or eventually you will get sick of them at some point down the road. To reduce the risk of this occurring, it’s important to remember that you can live together but lead separate lives as well. Give each other space so you both can experience things that you like without feeling overwhelmed by the other person’s presence.

 Challenge #5 – Not Listening Enough

In this modern world, a lot of couples find their relationship has failed due to an inability to listen to their partner. Unfortunately, in many relationships many people do talk more than they listen. Most people don’t want to know the other’s opinion and with social media, many people do become self-centred and only want to talk about themselves without regard for what the other’s saying. If you find this is happening, it’s time to tune back in. When your partner is speaking make sure you don’t interrupt. Engage in the conversation, even if you don’t find it too interesting. Remember your partner wants to talk to you about their troubles or day so they can destress.


When dating in this modern world, there are many different challenges which you will face from time to time. By taking the time to understand these challenges you can easily incorporate the right advice to overcome them to make a strong long term relationship. Is your relationship stronger than ever?



Anita Wynyard is a passionate writer who is in training to become a fully licensed psychologist. She is passionate about her field of work, and is dedicated to helping others in need through her writing. She’s currently working and writing for LB Psychologists in Australia. She specializes in relationships, anxiety and depression related issues. Anita loves to help others overcome their problems by providing helpful advice and guidance where possible.

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