SPECSAVERS EYE TESTS: Take care of your vision

Here at Specsavers, we know that the eye is one of the most complex organs in the human body. That’s why we offer thorough and reliable eyes tests for all customers that pass through our doors.

When you come for your appointment, we’ll update your confidential customer records before tailoring the eye examination to suit your needs. If you’ve been experiencing any worrying symptoms or have a question that’s been playing on your mind – now’s the time to tell the optometrist.

One of our highly-trained specialists will then check the health of your eyes and will ensure all mechanisms are working properly. There are many ways to test your vision, but the optometrist will use methods that are most suitable to you. They might use a non-contact tonometer to check the pressure inside your eyes before using an autorefractor to examine how well your eyes focus.

The optometrist may then decide to us a retinoscope to check your prescription before examining your retina through an ophthalmoscope. If you’re asked to read a test chart through different strength lenses, the specialist is simply testing your eyes individually and together to fine-tune his findings. All of the tests are pain free and can help build up a very accurate picture of your eyesight – so there’s no need to worry.

Once all the appropriate tests have taken place, you’ll be told the results. Your optometrist will discuss your needs with you and will answer any concerns you may have. Remember, if you don’t understand any of the terms used, don’t be afraid to ask. Our friendly, professional staff members are always on hand to help and will try to put you at ease from start to finish.

If you need glasses, the optometrist will pass on his recommendations to a dispenser who will help you choose a pair of stylish spectacles. We offer a wide range of designer glasses at affordable prices,  so don’t forget to check out our branded eyewear. If there’s something you like, feel free to try it on and make sure you’re comfortable with the way you look.

Prefer contact lenses? Then our team will talk you through your options. Daily disposable are popular, or you might decide to opt for monthly alternatives. Don’t forget to revisit the store if you need help putting them in, or would prefer to wear glasses instead.

As a rule, Specsavers advise people to arrange an eye test every two years (unless otherwise advised). Eye conditions such as floaters, blepharitis and glaucoma are surprisingly common, so it’s important to keep your eyes in good health.

Contact us for more information, or book an eye test today.

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