We often binge-eat when we are unhappy or very stressed, consuming vast quantities of ice cream, pizza or mashed potato – starchy or sugary carbohydrates in other words. These work in the short term, and in the end, the stress and unhappiness returns, usually bringing along a couple of pounds for company!

However you can actually eat to beat stress by including the right foods in your diet from the beginning, rather than waiting until you feel unhappy and miserable. There are an abundance of cookery books out on the market today. Many of them are written by bestselling authors who can teach you how to make these simple changes to gain health and serenity, while shedding any extra weight – all without fuss or stress!

Foods to Include Into One’s Diet:

Fruit and Veg: While you should be wary about including too much fruit in your diet if you are overweight and trying to lose a few pounds, due to the relatively high sugar content, fresh fruit and vegetables are an excellent addition to everyone’s diet. They boost energy levels and provide a good range of vital minerals and vitamins – plus they taste good!

Good fats: Fat is so often pinpointed as being a dietary ‘bad guy’ that we forget that we actually need to eat fat in order to be healthy! Good fats like omega-3 fatty acids are used by the body to repair muscles and tissues, for instant energy and for numerous tasks to keep the body in the best possible shape. Avocados, many types of nuts and olive oil all provide lots of healthy fat to keep the body strong and in top condition.

With the abundance of cookery books available on the market today, it is relatively easy to find a diet that includes all the right foods and excludes the ones that should be avoided in a package that you will find easy to follow. Trying to follow a very restrictive or ‘fussy’ diet while still attempting to fulfill home and work duties at the same time as trying to overcome stress or anxiety is a recipe for disaster! Your first requirement in any lifestyle change is that it should be sustainable over a long period of time! With a little research and some trial and error, you can soon be stress-free and healthy!



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