Over the last thirty years I have been helping mothers with children with ADHD – learning difficulties such as dyslexia and hyperactivity through to diagnosed autism, and as we used to say, mental retardation.

At Foresight we have found the following helpful so far:

1. Hair mineral analysis, to find out levels of needed macro and trace minerals, and also of toxic metals such as aluminium, cadmium, lead and mercury.

Where there is a shortage of trace minerals that the brain needs, such as zinc, manganese and selenium, there is usually a very notable improvement when these are supplemented. We have on our website a lot of the background research – see particularly work by Pfeiffer, Underwood, Oberleas and Caldwell, Roger Williams, Vallee and Passwater and Cranton.

When we clear the toxic metals this also improves brain function.

2. In many cases the lack of necessary trace minerals may be at least partly due to an inability to absorb nutrients.

This can stem from several causes, the ones most usually seen being:

a) A lack of the enzyme alkaline phosphatase, which is a zinc-dependant enzyme that lines the small intestine. This can be due to a lack of zinc because the tap water contains too much copper and lead. This can be due to copper pipes joined with lead-containing solder, which causes corrosion, which will leach metal into the water. The lack of alkaline phosphatase will inhibit the absorption of nutrients through the gut wall.

b) The vaccines not only pollute the body with mercury and aluminium, but they also contain calf’s lymph (from aborted calves), monkey kidney (from carcinogenic kidneys) red blood cells from sheep, and parts from chicken, mice and guinea pigs.

The bovine lymph may stimulate the population of the baby’s gut to produce atypical intestinal flora. (When a baby is changed from breast milk on to cow’s milk, the intestinal flora rapidly changes to accommodate this).

Because of this, the intestine may become hypersensitive to the ‘Big Grasses’ (normal bovine diet). Where there is only one stomach instead of four, the ability to cope may be seriously compromised. This seems to result in unstoppable diarrhea, or stool akin to cowpat.

Many of these children are much helped by a gluten-free and/or milk-free diet. Research is showing the gut flora is unusual. We hope the origins of the problem will be realised before too long.

There are six further areas all of which may be affecting some children but not others. I feel it is worth trying everything.

3. Homeopathic dilutions/remedies from the vaccines are available from the homeopathic pharmacies – Ainsworth and Helios. These will encourage the child’s body to eliminate the vaccine. It is best if you can tell the Homeopath exactly which vaccine the child received, as the substances used in them do vary.

4. Some of the children have a degree of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, due to parent’s drinking. Sometimes this can be from grand-parents, as it can be passed down, especially in the mother, as her ovaries are formed when she is in the womb. Helios does a Remedy called ETHYLICUM. Depending on the child’s history, this may be useful.

5. There may be problems with electromagnetic pollution. This can be from mobile phone masts, TETRA masts, electrical sub-stations etc. Less visable, but also disruptive are underground rivers and cracks in the substrata that can send up electromagnetic vibrations:

  • Wi-fi, mobile phone masts etc can be disruptive to sleep.
  • The use of mobile phones by the mother during pregnancy has been linked to ‘bad-behaviours’ – ie minor brain damage – by 2 Universities in California.
  • Next door’s computer can put electrical currents through the wall!!
  • For further information see our website and that of Roger CoghillPowerwatch and EM fields

6. Mercury fillings in teeth are known to be unhealthy and to affect brain function. They are also linked to brain tumours by recent research.

FIRSTLY – discourage their use on anyone! It may however be too difficult to get these removed if they have been put in. There may be homeopathic help available with this also.

For further information see the websites:
Society for Mercury- Free Dentists
Drs G & L Munro-Hall
Dr David Heffron

7. Oxygen Therapy. The mother of a brain-damaged boy, Linda Scotson, runs the Advance Learning Centre in East Grinstead. She works with oxygen therapy encouraging deep breathing and the use of hyperboric oxygen to get more oxygen to the brain cells. This is one more approach that can give some useful improvement and I feel it is often worth trying if possible.

8. Keeping pesticide free. One of the reasons that the organophosphate pesticides have been linked to central nervous system damage is that manganese is the trace mineral that carries oxygen to the mitrochondria of the brain cell. (This, one of my favourite Professors explained to me, acts like the ‘outboard motor’ to the cell.)

For manganese to be absorbed from the intestine into the blood, (which will then transport it to the brain), it needs the choline containing enzymes to carry it across the intestinal wall.

The organosphate pesticides destroying cholinesterase, which is the nutrient that removes the waste material generated by the enzyme’s activity from the cell. In due course this waste blocks the cell and the enzyme ceases to work. Manganese is no longer available to the blood, and just leaves the body in the stool. If the brain is short of manganese it is short of oxygen which it needs to function. (This is how the insects are killed).

It is therefore a good idea to avoid all sources of organophosphates. This means always use organic food. Pesticide-free carpets and furnishings. Pets without flea collars. No fly sprays or garden pest sprays etc. No nit treatment with children.

9. More information. To avoid other chemicals linked to ‘behavioural problems’ (ie brain function disruption) I suggest purchasing our little booklets ‘Find-Out’ and ‘Watch-It’ for information on food additives and chemicals used in household cleaners etc.

We are very willing to give all the help we can to anybody with problems. We will be very pleased to hear from you.

About the Author
Belinda ‘Nim’ Barnes is founder of the charity Foresight – the association for the promotion of pre-conceptual care.

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