Home should be a haven and place of maximum comfort, but the winter weather often brings cold and damp conditions which can be unpleasant and cause health condition flare ups.

However, many of these can be prevented with the simple addition of a dehumidifier – here are seven ways in which this clever appliance can make your life easier from Mark Kelly, product manager at AppliancesDirect.co.uk.

  1. Prevent damp – If your home is prone to damp, a dehumidifier will remove excess moisture from the air to reduce, clear and prevent damp spots.
  1. Remove condensation – When windows steam up it is a sign there is too much moisture in the air. As a result, excess moisture can collect and damage window frames and walls. A dehumidifier will remove the surplus moisture and help avoid steamy windows.
  1. Prevent mould – If left, damp develops into toxic black mould. Stop damp getting to this stage by removing excess moisture from warm rooms, such as the bathroom or kitchen.
  1. Drying laundry – Using radiators to dry laundry adds evaporated moisture into the air which contributes to high humidity levels in the home. Reduce the humidity level and dry clothes quicker with the smart appliance. Many dehumidifiers also come with a specialist laundry mode which will even help remove creases.
  1. Improve allergies – Humid air irritates allergies and asthma causing flare ups – this is because dust mites thrive in warm environments. Create cleaner air by filtering out dust particles and invisible pests.
  1. Remove odours – Warm rooms often become musty creating unpleasant smells. The multiple level filtering system of a dehumidifier will remove unwelcome funky smells.
  1. Comfortable environment – Let’s face it, no-one wants to live in a sticky and humid home, clearing the air will make your living space more cosy and help you through the winter blues.
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