Gordon Brown warns of ‘catastrophe’ if no climate change deal is reached in Copenhagen in December

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has warned of a ‘catastrophe’ of floods, droughts, and deadly heatwaves if world leaders don’t agree a climate change deal this December. In a speech to the Major Economies Forum in London, which you can see below, Mr Brown has insisted there is no ‘plan B’ if agreement isn’t reached at December’s UN climate summit in Copenhagen. The Copenhagen talks aim to produce a successor to the Kyoto climate treaty, but preparatory discussions at the UN are stalled. The British government’s critics say it is not doing enough on climate change and is in no position to lecture the rest of the world about it. Olly Barratt reports.

Drugs campaigners on benefits/dangers of prescribing heroin to addicts

I’ve just filed a package for on the recently published
preliminary findings of a UK trial which has seen heroin addicts given the drug in an attempt to cut crime and help them deal with their addiction. It’s an idea that’s been the reality for some time in Switzerland but arouses strong emotions from people who support it, and those who oppose it. I’ve been speaking to Mary Brett from drugs campaigners Eurad, who is against moves to roll such a plan out in the UK – and you can listen to part of our discussion here as Mary tells me it’s not a good idea. I’ve also been speaking to Claudia Rubin from drugs charity Release – you can listen to some of our interview here – she supports moves to a Swiss-style system following the ‘success’ of the UK trial.
Olly Barratt – UK correspondent.

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