Green in all its glory is the colour of the moment, not the acid or grass greens, but the deep mossy forest greens, something to get lost in.  It is not a colour which    immediately says wear me, but teamed with silver it can look stunning.

This step by step also shows you how to create length and slims down the fingers beautifully.

Step 1. prepare the natural nail, don’t forget to apply base coat so your polish lasts longer. Then apply two thin coats of a dark green polish. I am using Orly Lucky Duck. Leave this to dry thoroughly.

Step 2. apply one coat of Orly’s matt top coat.  This will  create definition in your design.  If you don’t like the look a gloss top coat will be great too.

Step 3. tear a small piece off a soft sponge and brush on some darker green polish.  This colour is called Le Chateau from Orly.  Dab it onto some paper first to remove any excess and then dab onto the free edge of your nail – lightly.

Step 4. this step is optional, but would be perfect for a day to night look  which takes just moments, and is a quick way of creating some spectacular nail art.  I am using peel off stickers available from Hobby Craft stores, they are  normally used in card making and come in a variety of designs.  They have a plastic embossed coating and are perfect to stick onto any nail colour.  You can peel them off the next day, or to keep them on for longer apply a small amount of gloss topcoat only over the peel off area.  Be sure not to cover the matt topcoat.
About Sam Biddle.
Sam is an  International nail artist – you see her work at or contact her via

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