Anthony Wright has first-hand experience of health setbacks – a series of operations for a brain tumour left him comatose, brain damaged and unable to walk. Along the way he was nearly blinded, died once and lost most of his hearing. His face collapsed one side and had to be surgically rebuilt, with further tumours removed or irradiated. He has endured fourteen operations overall. Minor brain damage left him with slowed, dyslexic speech and short term memory issues. Overall his mental capacity was reduced by thirty years.

book coverAnthony has been on a journey of recovery: Extended physical training increased the walking capacity from 500yds to about 5 miles. After three years he could run again and was lifting weights or playing golf. The mental recovery started in earnest in 2009; with extended brain exercises to rebuild his mental capacity. His speed of speech has now increased by a third and his memory is much improved.

Anthony has written a book about his experiences: `You Can Self Heal`. It’s a guide to help those people faced with a major health crisis. It walks you through the physical, mental and emotional issues that will challenge you.

Here is Anthony’s advice:


Recovery is a journey of 1000 steps

It took two years of physical exercise to learn to walk properly, then another two before I could run again. It took about five years of brain exercises (and rest) to get back to my former self.

“Where” you are going, is 1000 times more important than where you are “Now”

Things may be bad, but this is not your destination, it’s just a waiting room or departure lounge. The big journey has yet to come and the focus has to be on your future destination.

You must take responsibility for your own health and recovery.

You have the best doctors, nurses and all the medication that they can provide. But the only person who can recover is you and this does require some effort on your part.

Always have at least one amazing, outrageous goal to motivate you.

Smart goals are useful but in reality these are often just signposts along the way. If you really do want achieve the impossible, then you will need a “mega” goal to take you there.

We only live once.

Your life is not a practice or a rehearsal and you may not get a second chance. Make the most of your life and treasure the time that you have.





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