While many people associate hay fever and allergies with spring time we see a spike in seasonal allergies every year during the early autumn months.


Hay fever, aka allergic rhinitis, is the allergic reaction to, for example, pollen (mainly in spring), grass and weeds (mainly in summer), mould spores (more common in autumn) and even house dust mites (associated with perennial – all year round ‘hay fever’).

The good news is; these allergies are completely controllable by a range of natural remedies.

Here are my top ten tips to help you overcome allergies naturally and permanently:


  1. Bromelain, quercertin and vitamin C

 Bromelain is a natural enzyme that breaks down unwanted debris in the blood stream such as pollen, dust mites and undigested food particles. Quercertin and vitamin C are natural antihistamines.

  1. Herbal remedies

Try Vogel Luffa Complex Nasal Spray. This 100% natural product contains luffa plus other herbs that are known for their anti-allergy properties, including heartseed, golden thryallis and chapparal. It effectively rinses and cleanses the nasal passage while soothing the membrane lining the nose.

  1. Charcoal

 Charcoal binds up to four times its body weight in noxious substances in a process called adsorption.  Empty two capsules into water and drink at least two hours after your last meal – preferably before bed. 

  1. Stress reduction therapy

Developed in the USA this combination of acupuncture and energy medicine corrects the body’s immune response to allergens. Research shows that acupuncture can 

Bee collecting pollen
Bee collecting pollen
  1. Bee pollen or honey

Bee pollen helps reduce histamine and de-sensitise your body to other pollens. Eating local honey, before the hay fever season starts, should reduce symptoms significantly. The granules have a sweet taste and can be used in smoothies, sprinkled on oatmeal or yogurt, or combined with granola.

  1. Have an Iyashi dome session

This advanced detox treatment from Japan was developed to help blitz away the build-up of toxins, and to restore the body to its natural state of equilibrium. Toxins are perspired out through the body’s exposure to infrared rays inside the dome – you can literally sweat out your allergies. 

  1. Cleanse, alkalise and detoxify

Cleanse, alkalise and detoxify with a juice cleanse.  All toxins are acidic and allergy symptoms are an irritation/inflammation reaction as a means of dealing with these acid toxins. Alkalising with mineral rich fruit and vegetable drinks supports the body’s natural detoxification pathways.

dust mite
Dust mite
  1. Know your triggers

Find out if it is pollen, grass, weeds, mould or dust mites that you are reacting to. Around 50% of individuals screened at MyDetoxDiet are actually experiencing chemical sensitivities to pesticides, grooming products, car fumes, and/or cleaning products. So it’s important to get screened in order to identify your trigger.

  1. Identify and correct food intolerances

Hidden food intolerances can overwhelm the immune system, contributing to the severity and onset of allergies. Foods that the body rejects can irritate the gut lining causing it to become more porous. The blood stream then becomes flooded with unwanted debris. When an allergen (e.g. mould, dust mites etc.) is added to this the body tries to process these extra toxins by flushing them out through the eyes, nose, throat, and even ears.

  1. Identify and correct any nutritional deficiencies

Book in for a vitamin and mineral screening.  Ensuring that your nutritional needs are optimised gives your system the tools required to eliminate toxins regularly. When the toxins entering your system outweigh the toxins leaving your system, your body becomes overwhelmed. The usual elimination channels are your faeces, urine, sweat, and breathing – if they aren’t performing properly they become overloaded and the body starts to release toxins elsewhere.


In conclusion, the best overall approach to tackling allergies is to take natural remedies for immediate relief, clean out your system with a detox and use dietary changes to achieve permanent allergy relief.



Jessica House, qualified Naturopath and Nutritional Therapist, at the MyDetoxDiet Clinic. Is available for interview and articles.

Jessica has 10 years clinical experience supporting clients to restore their health naturally & specialises in dealing with food intolerances and allergies. provides a range of clean, natural and easy ways to clear your body of toxins and regain your natural health, vitality and energy.


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