By Chantal Cooke.


Is homeopathy really just a placebo?

Honestly, I don’t know. But I can tell you what others I have interviewed have told me.

In Passion for the Planet’s first year I took a trip to Devon and interviewed the lady  who ran Prickly Ball Farm – a home for hedgehogs. She took in injured hedgehogs and nursed them back to health. What medication did this lady use?


Do hedgehogs know what they are being given? Do they even know they are receiving medication? My guess is no and no.

Do they get better? Was this lady successful? Yes and yes.

So is it the placebo effect healing the hedgehogs? It seems doubtful.

Could it actually be something in the homeopathy? It’s certainly possible (and more probable than the placebo explanation). The hedgehog lady was 100% convinced  that the homeopathy was contributing to her success at healing the prickly little critters.

And the hedgehogs seemed very pleased with the results too.

So maybe, just maybe there really is something to this homeopathy lark.

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