If you think you might be coming down with a cold – don’t let it set-in, fight it straight away with these cold killing tips from nutritionist Fiona Kirk:


  1. Immediately you get the merest hint of a cold, take 3grams of vitamin C and then 2grams every four hours (or three times a day).  Make sure you take a dose before you go to bed.  Alternatively, mix 6grams of vitamin C powder in fruit juice diluted with water and drink throughout the day.  Some people prefer to use Calcium Ascorbate, a less acidic form of vitamin C
  1. Also supplement other immune boosting nutrients, especially vitamins A and E, selenium and zinc.  Zinc lozenges have been shown to lessen the duration of colds at a dose of 10-15mg every two hours (NB: they can make you feel a little nauseous)


  1. Eat lightly, preferably relying mainly on fruits and vegetables, including those rich in vitamins A and C – carrots, beetroot, peppers and citrus fruits
  1. Reduce or avoid mucus-forming foods, particularly fatty meats and cow’s milk products.  These make your lymphatic fluid thick, which is the main transport system for immune cells which carry invading viruses to lymph nodes for further punishment


  1. Avoid alcohol, cigarettes, tea and coffee.  Drink plenty of water and herb/fruit teas
  1. Take it easy.  Do everything slowly and avoid stressful situations.  Get some rest and plenty of sleep


Once you think you’ve won, wait at least 24 hours then cut the vitamins down to 1gram of vitamin C three times a day and one immune boosting vitamin and mineral supplement in the morning.  Once you have been well for three days go back to your normal supplement programme.

For more information about nutritionist and author Fiona Kirk, visit: www.fatbustforever.com

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