A European Union ban on the manufacture and import of 100 watt and frosted incandescent light bulbs has come into force. The EU wants the bulbs to be replaced by longer-lasting compact fluorescent lamps, they use 80% less electricity than the type of bulbs we’ve been using since the 19th century. It’s estimated that the annual energy savings when everyone in the EU is using the newer style bulbs will add up to FIVE BILLION EUROS.


Time for the Luddite minority to get their knickers in a twist, and for certain parts of the media to saddle up the heated debate brigade, with arguments against the ban including dimmer switches won’t work, the light’s a bit funny, and old people like the traditional bulbs. My favourite is … because traditional light bulbs are really heat bulbs [95% of the energy they use produces heat] we’ll have to turn up our heating in the winter if we use energy saving bulbs.
Here’s a report from NINA-MARIA POTTS.


As is always the case when something like this gets whipped up there are predictions of panic buying. However, the clear 60-watt bulb, one of the most commonly used, will remain available until at least September 2011, and clear 40-watt bulbs until 2012. So plenty of time to build up a secret stash. But it doesn’t look like many of us are likely to be seen with wheelbarrows of lightbulbs any time soon. Over the last six months, UK sales of traditional power-hungry bulbs actually fell by 22%.
About the Author: Kenny Stevens has over 20 years experience as a radio presenter and programmer and is the co-founder of PASSION for the PLANET


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